Is It Necessary To Put Down A Dog That Bites?


Dogs can be such a wonderful companion for everyone alike. They are always loyal, energetic, and typically friendly for the most part. However, you will hear stories from time to time of dogs who take a turn, and attack passersby and other individuals, namely children. These stories bring up the debate of whether, in these circumstances, the dog should be put down. Well, when looking into a scenario such as this, there are several components that must be considered in order to make a just decision should dogs that bite be put down
Although it doesn’t seem the case, dogs can have different backgrounds and aspects to them that make these attack and biting scenarios have varying cause and effect. For example, the age of the dog can be a key player in why the biting occurred. Young pups having a natural instinct to bite and nip especially when they are in a playful setting. Often times more than not, they do not mean to bite hard or in a defensive manner; They just want to play. The times when you should be concerned about a dog bite is when the dog seems to be lashing out in an aggressive manner, or if the dog was instigated in any way. It is important to give the dog respect, especially if you are unfamiliar with the dog and his home.
In any case, or whatever the entire attack scenario entails, it is a complete toss up if dogs that bite should be put down. For instance, if the puppy or dog bites a child while the child was instigating play, then no, quite possibly not. However, if the dog was attacking a stranger who was a little to close to their property or territory, and there is significant signs of aggression and harm, then there is a plausible case for the dog to be put down. In any matter, it is entirely up to the individuals involved, and can be different in every single situation in which this occurs.

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